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The Annual Accounts have been approved by the External Auditors (BDO) and there are three documents to view in relation to this:

  1.  The conclusion of audit notice:
  2.  The signed off annual return and
  3. The issues arising from the accounts, the issues raised were in connection with last year’s accounts and not with the accounts submitted for this year end.

You are welcome to view the accounts with our Parish Clerk but if you have any queries regarding the the Parish Council’s finances, you can request the Income and Expenditure Account which is far more informative than the Accounts overview.  You can also have sight of the supporting statement which details the assets held by the council and the amounts which were donated under section 137,  all this is public information and available on request.  Under section 137 we currently pay towards the support of the Bourtons Broadsheet and the Cluster Care group in Cropredy, as some Bourtons residents attend there on a regular basis and several Bourtons residents volunteer their support for the Cluster Care Group, helping with transport and fund raising activities.

If you ever have any queries concerning the finances of the Parish Council or any other matter, please do attend at the public time of the monthly meetings which are held on the first Tuesday of every month barring August and September or please contact our parish clerk, Steve Bowen via [email protected]


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