November ’17  Meeting Agenda


Councillors are hereby summoned to attend the meeting of

Bourtons Parish Council

to be held at the Village Hall, Great Bourton on

Tuesday 7th November 2017 at 7.30pm



Attendance  : to receive apologies for absence and to record those present at meeting.

Declarations of interest : to receive updates.

Public Participation Session: to receive questions and comments from members of the public on any items on the agenda, to be noted as matters for next agenda or points of information.

Minutes: To receive and approve Minutes of Bourton Parish Council Meetings held in September 2017


01  Footpaths update

  1. To receive any updates/reports from Footpath Warden.
  2. Letter of thanks to Sarah Aldous

02  Highways update

  1. Pothole and highways issues updates                                                       

03  Village benches

  1. Update on bench refurbishment.

04  Defibrillators

  1. Review of inspection reports.
  2. Requests for new training session.

05  Website update

  1. To receive any update.

06  Garners Field development update

  1. Update on progress.
  2. Construction start on Community Hall.
  3. Email from CDC re house numbering.

07  Playgrounds & public spaces update

  1. Great Bourton : Cllr safety inspection.
    • Goal net pegs. Update on noticeboard.
  2. Little Bourton : Cllr safety inspection.
  • Tree cutting for Western Power.
  1. Maintenance contract on Gym equipment, update from Cllr Mrs Upton.

08  Allotments update

  1. New applications and vacancies.
  2. Offer of community fruit trees.
  3. Clerk update on annual rent collection.
  4. Turning off for winter.

09  Public transport

                a              Email from NCC re threat to bus subsidy funding : County connect.

10  Village Hall / Community Hall

  1. Any matters arising.
  2. Update from Clerk about possible support grant.

11 Healthcare

  1. To receive any updates.

50  Finance & administration

  1. To receive and APPROVE receipts and outgoing payments since October meeting.
  2. To receive and APPROVE the financial statement for October 2017.
  3. To enable precept request to be set at January meeting.

60  Planning applications

Consider any new planning applications and note planning decisions since last meeting.

  1. Update on Enforcement actions regarding 17/00237/ENFC & 17/00332/ENFC

70  Correspondence

a              Email from Mr Probert about house names and numbers.

  1. Email from Hanwell PC about community transport initiative.

c            CDC Parish Liaison Meeting  Wed 9th November: Attendance  Any matters to be raised in surgery sessions?

80  New Business

Matters arising from correspondence etc, to discuss and propose:

Approve dates for 2018 parish council meetings.

90  District & County Councillors report

  1. To receive any updates and information from CDC and OCC.




Date of agenda: 28/10/17                                        Stephen M Bowen                  Parish Clerk


Dates for Parish Council meetings 2017                          

  • No Meeting in December

View Minutes of Previous Meetings

Note of declaration of interest:

Any Member arriving after the start of the meeting is asked to declare personal interests as soon as practicable after their arrival even if the item in question has been considered: with the exception of the circumstances listed in paragraph 9(2) of the Local Code of Conduct for Members, a Member with a personal interest also has a prejudicial interest if it is one which a member of the public with knowledge of the relevant facts would reasonably regard as so significant that it is likely to prejudice the Member’s judgement of the public interest. In such circumstances the Member must withdraw from the meeting room and should inform the Chairman accordingly; It is not practicable to offer detailed advice during the meeting on whether or not a personal interest should be declared or whether a personal interest should also be regarded as prejudicial.

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