Here is a list of the Bourtons’ Parish Councillors

BOURTONS’ PARISH COUNCIL – JULY 2016 (Updated on 30th January 2017)
Elected unopposed

Cllr Sally Leszczynski
The Old Bakery
Spring Lane
Little Bourton
OX17 1RJ

Tel (01295) 750555

Vice Chair
Cllr Sue Upton
The Red House
School Lane
Great Bourton
OX17 1QY

Tel (01295) 758398

Cllr Tom Sowler – Co-opted July ’16
The Old Chapel
Chapel Lane
Little Bourton
OX17 1RD

Tel 07801 227594

The Parish Clerk is Stephen Bowen
Phone: 01295 750658
Email: [email protected]

Cllr Andrew Johnson
Hillside House
Main Street
Great Bourton

Tel (01295) 758104

Cllr Clive Upton
Chapel Cottage
Main Street
Great Bourton

Tel (01295) 750799

Cllr Daniel Walker – Co-opted Jan ’17
The Poplars
Spring Lane
Little Bourton
OX17 1RJ

Tel 07547 902937

Local Government Officials

Our MP is Victoria Prentis
Phone: 01869 233685
email: [email protected]

Our District Councillor is Ken Atack
Phone: 01295 758861
Mobile: 07882 759497
email: [email protected]

Our County Councillor is George Reynolds
Phone: 01295 780479
Mobile: 07899 067655
email: [email protected]

If you would like to write to your District or County Councillor
or the MP or MEP you can do so via this link.