Traffic Calming alterations in Great Bourton

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Some of you may be aware from the recent notice in the Banbury Guardian, that the Highways Department have proposed moving the current traffic chicane further towards the A423.  The newly proposed siting for this is unacceptable to the Parish Council and several residents have also written to us to express their concerns about its close proximity to the main road.

The parish council have been requesting for several years the removal of the anomaly of the present derestricted (60mph) length of Main Street from the A423 (50mph) to the start of the 30mph speed restriction, the decision on which  has been deferred until the present consultation. We had hoped, and expected, that the 30mph zone would be extended to the Southam Road junction. We will still press for that.

Bourtons Parish council had received no prior information on the details of the intended changes to the speed restrictions and traffic calming, which form part of the Sec 106 commitment for the developers. We were not consulted on this proposed re-siting until 7th December 2017 when the council received an email inviting comment on the plans, at the same time as public consultation was publicised in the Banbury Guardian. Before responding to the consultation councillors will be seeking further information from the OCC officer in charge of this consultation, also the OCC Highways officer for Traffic Advice and Design, together with the housing developers Hayfield Homes, whose responsibility it is to pay for the agreed changes.

We as a parish council had planned to subsequently seek agreement to change the traffic calming measure at the Cropredy end of the village in keeping with the new scheme.

Attached are the various notices concerning this change and if you would like to comment about it to add weight to our argument that would be very much appreciated.  You can respond directly to the  consultation,  (quoting ref: CM/12.6.138)  using the link:

The parish council would also like to hear your views by e-mail directly to [email protected] or  use the comment facility below this news items.


The related documents are:

The public notice

The Speed Limits  – consultation plan

The traffic calming relocation – consultation plan

Speed calming – statement of reasons

Parish Speeds – Draft Order

Parish Speeds Order 1981


One Comment on “Traffic Calming alterations in Great Bourton”

  1. The problems with the proposed traffic calming arrangements are obvious. Sadly, such problems have been entirely predictable ever since the planning application for this site was submitted. I suspect that if we expect Oxfordshire CC to pay any attention to local opinion we need to put forward a more sensible and workable plan. Just moaning about what is proposed is unlikely to help. I would say that the removal of the traffic calming would be better than what is proposed. But assuming that that would not be acceptable, I am unable to put forward another suggestion that is both better and workable. I certainly would not favour traffic lights.

    If anyone has a better suggestion please share it here so we can all respond to the consultation in a constructive way.

    I do not share the Parish Council’s grumble that they were not consulted in advance of the public consultation. Those of us who opposed the planning application have good reason to say that the PC got the village into this position. Their reasoning and decision making on that occasion was poor and lacking in transparency. I am not aware that the PC has any particular expertise in traffic management, so their views would not carry that weight, so far as Oxfordshire CC is concerned. I also feel that the matter of the national 60mph speed limit for a short distance of road before the main road junction is trivial. Such things happen all the time, and making alterations on a piecemeal basis does not seem a good use of CC budget, for which we pay.

    Constructive and better suggestions for traffic calming gratefully received. Happy New Year to all.

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